Portable Miracle Air Ionizer IG-E1J


The Biological Effects of Negative Ions
•    Improve focus
•    Aid in learning absorption
•    Improve sleep quality
•    Neutralize excess body acidity and free radicals to slow down aging
•    Improve the respiratory system
•    Boost the immune system
•    Promote peripheral blood circulation
•    Speed up wound healing
•    Increase happiness
•    Promote cellular detoxification
•    Reduce anxiety, depression and stress by normalizing  body chemistry
•    Improve cellular metabolism


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We Are Surrounded By Too Much Positive Ions

The reason is that we’re surrounded by the positive ions from the electromagnetic fields coming from or emitted by mobile phones, computers and a whole lot more of electronic devices that actually impair how our brain functions and that suppress or degrade our immune system, leading to…

•    Breathing difficulty
•    Headaches, vertigos
•    Arthritis and other chronic pain conditions
•    Irritability
•    Poor mental performance
•    Fatigue
•    Lower levels of the happiness hormone, serotonin
•    Increased episodes of depression and anxiety
•    Poor concentration
•    Lack of energy

Increase Indoor Negative Ions in our Homes, Offices & Hospitals Naturally

Based from cited studies and from the above-mentioned negative health effects of positive ions, you can now probably conclude how your family might have been in danger without more of negative ions in indoor air. And because it is a given that you cannot always take your children and loved ones to the park, in the river or rainforest, where an abundant supply of negatively charged ions isn’t an issue, you should do something in order to maintain high levels of negative ions in your homes.


Reltec IG-E1J (Portable) Is Recommended For

•    Small classrooms, laboratories
•    Hospitals (small wards, nurse stations)
•    Homes (bedrooms, living rooms)
•    Office workstations

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