Natural NPK Fertilizer 2L


Organic Compost is a biomass derived compost/fertilizer produced by CropTech. This bio-organic compost is a dark brown, earth-like substance that contains balanced macro & micro nutrients, which make it highly suitable for plantation and agricultural application. This substance uses pure organic without any chemical or toxic compound mixed. We adhere to eco–friendly practices that recycle by–products from the palm oil industry and other organic material. No toxic animal manure, dung or animal by–product is introduced into our composting process.

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Bio-organic fertilizer can be applied to plantations, nurseries and farms for the following reasons:-
Supplying necessary nutrients
Promoting activity of natural soil organisms

Soil treatment Suppressing plant disease Promoting turf growth


Contains balanced macro & micro nutrients Have high CEC (Cation Exchange Capacity) No phototoxicity
Free from weed seed Odourless

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