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Menstrual Cup (Large) is a quality premium sanitary essentials for complete feminine hygiene. The  Menstrual Cup is highly comfortable to wear and gives you the freedom to perform all your favorite sports and outdoor activities such as yoga, dancing, swimming and more.

Made of medical-grade silicone, the  Menstrual Cup (Large) is soft, easy, 100% safe to use and does not cause skin irritation.

The large menstrual cup can hold up to 35ml of fluid and is recommended for normal-to-heavy flow to give you leak-proof protection for up to 12 hours during periods.

Always use to clean the exterior of your intimate areas before and after using the Menstrual Cup. Never wash intimate areas with soap, shampoo or chemical based products to prevent infections or pH imbalance.

Note: If you have light-to-normal flow, please use, which can hold up to 23ml of fluid.

We demonstrate our commitment to quality through internationally recognised standards.

ISO 9001:2015 certified and tested of ROHS. UPS class VI, platinum cured material used.


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MyecoCup provides you up to 12 hours leak-proof protection during periods. Made of medical-grade silicone, Menstrual Cup is soft, easy and 100% safe to use. Menstrual Cup gives you freedom to perform all your activity Yoga, Dance, Swim and more.

  • It’s budget friendly. You pay a one-time price for a reusable menstrual cup — unlike tampons or pads, which have to be continually bought your cost down.
  • Menstrual cups are safer. Because menstrual cups collect, rather than absorb, blood, you’re not at risk of getting Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS), a rare bacterial infection associated with tampon use.
  • Menstrual cups hold more blood. A menstrual cup could hold about one to two ounces of menstrual flow. Tampons, on the other hand, can only hold up to a third of an ounce.
  • It’s eco-friendly. Reusable menstrual cups can last a long time, which means you’re not contributing more waste to the environment.
  • Can be used while sleeping, swimming, working or carrying out daily activities
  • Cup is available in three sizes, handles any ebb and flow and caters for all women needs
  • Wear up to 12 hours at a time
  • Have mess –free sex on your period

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