Medical Air Ioniser ET-22


Mi Energy ET-22 Benefits:
– Eliminate Airborne Allergens, Fungi, Germs, Bacteria And Viruses
– Reduce And Eliminate Harmful Positive Ions Like Haze, Air Pollution, UV Rays, Free Radicals
– Purify And Clear Odor, Dust, Pollen And Smoke
– Enhance Mental Alertness And Aid Learning
– Enhance Immune System
– Balance Autonomic Nerve System
– Rejuvenate Cells
– Reduce Radiation
– Improve Respiratory System
– Enhance Nutrients And Medicine Absorption By The Body
– Enhance Metabolism & Stronger Body
– No Side Effects

The Biological Effects of Negative Ions
• Improve focus
• Aid in learning absorption
• Improve sleep quality
• Neutralize excess body acidity and free radicals to slow down aging
• Reduce asthma and allergy symptoms
• Improve the respiratory system
• Boost the immune system
• Promote peripheral blood circulation
• Speed up wound healing
• Increase happiness
• Promote cellular detoxification
• Reduce anxiety, depression and stress by normalizing body chemistry
• Improve cellular metabolism

For enquries on MI Energy ET-22, please email to: myecofix@gmail.com

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Product Name: Mi Energy
Model: ET-21
External Dimension: 240mm(W) x 330mm(H) x 220mm(D)
Gross Weight: About 3.5kg (Device Body)
Voltage Power: AC 100~240v (50/60Hz)
Input Power: 30 V A
Timer Easy Mode: Optional Preset 5mins/10mins/15mins
Timer Standard Mode: Manual Setting 1min~99mins
Volatage Mode: DC-5500+/-500V
Poles Output: Optional-Monopole[1] or Dipoles[2]
Wave Form Output: Cave Waveform
Electro-shock Protection: Class 1 (Machine)
Electro-protection Limit: Type B applied part
Medical Equipment Licence No. 21500BZZ00602000

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