iJuice Lemon 4Salts

Electrolyte Rich
Helps Boost Energy & Performance
Mineral Rich
Potent pH-balancing Effect On Your Cells, Organs, Tissues & Body
Suggested Use:
Mix one scoop with 4-6 ounces of purified water daily.
Advanced Use: 3 times per day.
Serving size: 1 scoop (1gr)
Available in 1/2lb (227g) and 1lb (454g) powder
iJuice Lemon 4Salts – the world’s most alkalizing nutritional supplement – pHour Salts – just got better!
iJuice Lemon 4Salts combines the powerful alkalizing effect of 4 important mineral salts with organic lemon juice powder, giving it not only an improved smooth new flavor, but one of the most potent pH-balancing boosts for the integrity of your cells, organs, tissues and body.
iJuice Lemon 4Salts is the ultimate electrolyte complex drink mix and may be used daily to increase the alkalinity of water and other beverages. Additionally, this product may be used in baking, or as a tooth scrub, mouth wash, deoderizer, bath soak, and foot bath.
The salts in this product are naturally occurring in all fluids of the body; specifically, they can aid in the reduction of acidity in the lymphatic, circulatory, and gastro-intestinal systems.
iJuice Lemon 4Salts Electrolyte drink mix is great for those who:
– deal with the acidic stress of daily living
– want to boost their energy and performance
– are athletes looking for a better alternative to the most common acidic, sugar- and      toxin-filled “electrolyte” drinks on the market.
– want to support their important alkaline mineral buffers in the body
Comes in 2 sizes; 1/2lb (227g) and 1lb (454g) powder
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