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This formulation captures the power of the Picea Abies extract from the Norwegian Spruce with its incredible antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Lignans are proving to offer incredible benefits to our health as it improves our chances for a healthier cardiovascular system, increase our levels of protection against cancer, and diabetes.

The extract from the Norwegian Spruce has proven to be effective against many pathogens to allow a safe, natural preservative in formulations.

Lignans have shown anti-inflammatory properties that can impact arthritis and chronic inflammatory conditions that lead to cardiovascular issues.

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The studies on Lignans shows promise.

In a recent French study conducted over 7 years with 58,049 women concluded that high dietary intake of plant lignans correlated with better health.

A 30 year study in Finland demonstrated the same, as dietary lignans supported heart health.

There are a growing number of studies that indicate that lignans support breast health. While the most common lignan studied has been the secoisolariciresinol diglucoside, there seems to be much interest in the 7-hydroxymatairesinol lignan that is predominant in the Norwegian Spruce tree.

People taking in a high lignan diet have reported feeling less stress, anxiety and frustration.

Lignans: A Lost Nutrient

The term lignan is not one that is common. This phytonutrient is usually found in many food sources. However the refinement of our foods have removed the nutritional value of lignans that have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Doctors promote the notion that a complete diet promotes good health. This would include sources of viatmins, minerals and lignans that will support our immune system.

Fountain of Life contains the essential lignans for your diet. With the highest quality and quantity of valuable dietary lignans, Fountain of Life is the nature’s best source for lignans.

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