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From the Garden to the Kitchen, We’ll help you live an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle while Living in Luxury in the process. When you want to Live Healthier, you choose MyEcoFix.

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About MyEcoFix

Like you, we at MyEcoFix value the environment, our health and our future. We too recognise the growing pressure from greenhouse gases, water wastage, pollution and chemical over-use. It was with this in mind that we established our eco store, Eco at Home, to provide a convenient and extensive source of eco home and lifestyle products.

Green Living Guide

Your ultimate resource for every question you have about living more gently on our planet!

At MyEcoFix, we encourage you to think about all the aspects of an item’s production, use and disposal. Living more sustainably has a number of facets that are all inter-twined! Some people prioritise the environment, others the ethical and social aspects, and of course we are all concerned about the effect on our health from toxins and pollution. A more simple lifestyle that “gets back to basics” offers solutions that

Ethical Homeware Brands You Need To Know

Fill your home with ethical, conscious homewares that will bring both you and the planet joy.

Sustainability begins at home, and while you might already be working on reducing your food waste, mimimising single use plastic and dressing more ethically, your home interior choices could be another simple way to incorporate a little greener living – and also some unique interior style.


Both we and our ethical suppliers are grateful that you want to support all forms of ethical purchasing – our aim is to empower you to make the choices that are right for you and your family.

There is still a long way to go in order to make Ethical Consumerism a daily part of the retail mainstream.

Let’s work together to each play our part in getting that message across to the society by encouraging family and friends to try ethical products and to buy what we believe in.


Eco-friendly products are those that inflict minimal harm to the environment. At Natural Collection, our range of eco-friendly products includes sustainably made products, innovative products and technologies, educational books, household cleaning alternatives to harsh chemicals (see the and so much more.

Discover all the eco-friendly products we have available here today!
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