Reusable Organic Cloth Pad-Pantyliners With PUL- Natural Organic (3 Per Pack)


For extra protection, Eco Femme also makes Pantyliners with a leakproof PUL layer. Ideal for daily discharge, spotting, light flow days or in combination with a menstrual cup or tampon for added protection .

● Unbleached cotton 100% organic

● Stitched in one piece

● Top layer: cotton flannel in undyed natural cotton colour

● Inner layers: 3 layers cotton flannel in undyed natural cotton colour

● Back layer: cotton with leakproof PUL in blue and white pattern

● Closes with one nickel-free metal push button

● 19cm length x 7cm width when closed

All Eco Femme products sold internationally, bear a built-in buy-1-give-1 contribution for our educational programme Pad For Pad.

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In the leakproof products this layer has a ​PUL (polyurethane laminate) lining inside. Each pad size is distinguishable by the back layer colour print.

Eco Femme pads have been tested for ​minimum 75 washes​. This means a pad can last for approximately ​2-5 years of reusing and replacing disposable menstrual products.

This set of pads are perfect for you if you want to reduce the single-use paper products in your life. They can be used and reused countless times. The pads come with instructions about how to clean them.

📌How to use:
1. Always wash your hands prior use!
2. Recommended change up after 2 – 4 hours.
3. NEVER use for more than 8 hours straight, for health reasons!!!

❗️❗️❗️Care/Wash Instructions:
Avoid hand washing and fabric softeners or bleach.
1. Store used cloth on a dry place before washing.
2. Rinse/soak before wash in cold water as hot will lock in the blood stains.
3. Wash in the machine at max 40°C ( 104°F ).
4. Dry flat.

Made of 100% cotton, they can be machine washed and dried. They will be more absorbent if they are dried without dryer sheets or fabric softener.

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